About Us

Founded in 2007, TEK•FIVE is a local, Huntsville based, employee-owned company with a proven record of delivering complete IT solutions across the federal space.

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What Sets us Apart

TEK•FIVE leads the technical design and management of a secure mobile infrastructure for the entire NASA agency, serving more than 40,000 users. This enterprise solution enables government issued mobile devices to inherit verification/validation from their government issued Personal Identity Verification (PIV) /Common Access Card (CAC) smart-card credentials. Not only is this in compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), but allows secure mobile access to your enterprise and legacy data.

  • Leader in Containerization, Hybrid Cloud, and DevSecOps solutions

  • Pathfinder in implementing and supporting open source solutions in the federal space

  • Consistently meets 100% of all federal contract deliverables since inception

  • Proven leader in the cross system / enterprise integration and unification of business processes in the federal space

  • Force multiplier through highly optimized development teams resulting in maximum mission impact

  • Utilizes latest integration technology to enhance existing legacy enterprise services over costly new implementation

  • 100% employee-owned / fully committed

  • Fully accredited resources including PMP, scrum / agile & ITIL v3 certifications

Our Results

  • Awarded the NASA MSFC small business subcontractor excellence award.

  • Implemented DevOps at NASA which reduced development and operational costs by 50%. Received the NASA Agency Group Achievement Award for DevOps Implementation.

  • Led the NASA open source ESB initiative reducing integration costs by over 75%. A Gartner recognized leader in the open source ESB space.

  • Created and currently leads the Center for Internal Mobile Apps (CIMA) for NASA and is responsible for delivering the NASA app store, 30+ enterprise mobile applications and secure mobile services. Received the NASA Agency Group Achievement Award for the innovation.

  • Implemented the first Smart Card/PIV derived credential authentication in the federal space for NASA mobile services providing strong authentication on mobile services.

  • Awarded the NASA Public Service Medal for exceptional contributions to the mission of NASA in the implementation of the NASA OpenESB.

  • Trusted advisor to multiple government agencies including DOD, GSA, and DOI in SOA best practices, ESB technologies, and web service standards.

Our Customers

Government Agencies

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

    • Marshall Space Flight Center

    • Agency Applications Office (AAO)

  • US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)