Enterprise Integration

TEK•FIVE has extensive experience in the realm of enterprise and system integration. Developing integration patterns and approaches which allow for seamless integration into an enterprise is what we do best. Our areas of expertise include implementing service driven, event driven and extract driven architecture on both the enterprise service bus and integration broker frameworks.

Enterprise Integration areas of Concentration Include:

  • Non-intrusive legacy systems optimization and integration

  • Federated service and data management architecture

  • Real-world service oriented and event-driven architecture utilization

  • Federal Identity, Credential & Access Management (FICAM) Back-end Attribute Exchange (BAE) integration

  • ERP, GOTS and COTS integration

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

TEK•FIVE has many years of experience in successfully delivering service oriented architectures to support the enterprise.  We ensure our SOA provides reusable enterprise services that are loosely coupled, well defined, easily discoverable and consumable.

Event Driven Architecture (EDA)

TEK•FIVE has many years of experience in delivering robust event driven architectures to support the enterprise that provide full support for simple, complex, and event stream processing.

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)

TEK•FIVE can quickly implement ETL within the enterprise to support the needs of data replication, data federation, data-mart, and data warehouse requirements. In addition, TEK•FIVE
understands and provides mitigation to data replication issues including data integrity, data timeliness, and system of record discrepancies.