IT Strategy and Management

TEK•FIVE has a long and proven track record providing our clients with IT management solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient. Let us select the right software engineer or solution architect to fit your project.

Our team members combine their real-world experiences in order to deliver quality solutions to a wide variety of IT management issues.  These solutions include scope definition, requirements definition, resource allocation, metrics definition, cost control, scheduling, and overall process improvement.  Our consultants will work with your organization to establish fundamental changes which will enable long-term successes.

Most notably, we only employ project management with thought leadership to ensure cost-effective solutions for complex business needs. 

IT Strategy

• Federal, hybrid and on-premise cloud implementation and migration
• Enterprise cloud and application container platforms
• IT plan and budget optimization through portfolio rationalization
• Federal IT and information assurance (IA) standards compliance management
• Risk mitigation, technology forecasting, evaluation and implementation

Solution Design

The TEK•FIVE Solution Architecture team has many years of experience designing comprehensive technical solutions in complicated business environments.  Our solution architects will work closely with your company to ensure that our solutions meet not only the functional requirements of your business but also work within the constraints of your current technology and enterprise architecture. Our solution design services are complemented by a comprehensive design toolset including component functional specifications, component technical specifications, logical design templates, and landscape topologies.  By leveraging this experience, TEK•FIVE will architect solutions that solve your most complex problems while supporting your business goals and objectives.

Agile Software Lifecycle Management

In response to increasingly-rapid changes in technologies and systems engineering practices, TEK•FIVE has developed and successfully implemented an agile software lifecycle management approach in which scrum and agile development techniques are the engine of change, and in which our considerable experience in software development provides the stability and structure for the effective management of change. Central to this approach is the integration of the user in the process and the employment of very short development cycles, known as sprints, which allow applications to be fielded while they are still applicable to evolving requirements.

Our project managers are scrum certified with real-world experience in delivering software solutions utilizing the agile approach.


DevOps is the combination of the application operational support functions and development support functions under a single support team with distinct units to ensure controls and separation of duties. More and more industries are moving to DevOps as opposed to the traditional operational model, which places a barrier between developers and technical resources. Developers are required to work with business owners to understand the needs of the community, and therefore must be more agile in their development and always seeking opportunities for change. Technical operations, those who have been entrusted with “keeping the lights on”, seek stability and must ensure availability of the systems. Just as agile development eliminated the barriers between the business community and the developers, DevOps does so for development and operations.

TEK•FIVE can implement the DevOps concept of operations within the Federal Government Sector, which traditionally relies upon rigid project management methodologies due to our experience at implementing DevOps at NASA.