Mobile Services for the Enterprise

As of this year, smartphone penetration has risen to 80% of the U.S. population. Smartphone owners are becoming increasingly reliant on their devices with 90% using it to access the Internet every day. Mobile app usage, search, video and social networking are prolific. Our smartphones have become a central part of our daily lives including our work life. Over 65% of smartphone owners have used their smartphones for work.

If you are an application owner, developer or stakeholder these numbers have significance to you. In the past delivering your application for standard desktop consumption was acceptable. Your customers are now doing a lot of their day to day activities with their mobile devices and expect this to be available with their work applications as well. How does a company become a mobile centric enterprise?  We can help. TEK•FIVE is a leader in the federal space for delivering mobile applications and services to the enterprise.  We have award winning expertise in developing enterprise mobile services, mobile application management, mobile device management and mobile security.

Mobility Management for the Enterprise

  • Smart card and biometrics for strong authentication on mobile devices

  • Mobile device management (MDM) implementation and enterprise integration

  • Mobile application management (MAM) for full application life-cycle management

  • Mobile gateway services for secure access to enterprise mobile development services